5 Best Colour Scheme Generators

We've collected the best colour scheme generators, to make choosing a colour scheme for your brand easy and fun.

Best Colour Scheme Generators

1. Coolors

Coolors makes generating a colour palette easy and fun. As you find colours you like, you can then lock them. You can also generate colour schemes by uploading photos.

Best Colour Scheme Generators

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a complete colour scheme you can then export or share.

Coloors Colour Scheme Generator

2. ColorSpace

ColorSpace generates various colour palettes from a single hex code, which is great if you have a colour you know you want to start with.

ColorSpace Colour Generator

3. Khroma

Khroma works by using AI to generate a colour scheme based on your preference of selected colours

Khroma Colour Scheme Generator

Once you’ve trained it by selecting various colours, you can then view the generated colour schemes by either palettes, gradients, fonts, or photos:

Khroma Colour Scheme Generator
Khroma Colour Scheme Generator
Khroma Colour Scheme Generator
Khroma Colour Scheme Generator

4. Palettable

Palettable makes it easy to generate a colour scheme by using a like/dislike system.

Palettable Colour Generator

5. Adobe Color Wheel

Color Wheel allows you to create colour palettes with a colour wheel, hex code, or from a uploaded image.

Adobe Color Wheel
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